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Ask a Renovation Lender

Forget the granite or tile conundrum. The big remodeling question is this: “Where do you get the money?” Here are some of the remodel finance strategies […]

Remodeling With Allergies in Mind

From the Indianapolis Star: Question: How can I make sure the materials I use in my remodeling project are safe for a family member with allergies? Answer: The best place to […]

Refinish or Replace the Bathtub?

Q: My bathtub is a mess, and a friend told me to consider refinishing. I read online that bathtub re-glazing might not be the wisest thing. I’ve always wanted a […]

Q&A: How to Paint a Brick Fireplace?

Question: I have hated my brick fireplace since day one of living in my otherwise-fabulous home. I have considered removing the brick altogether and creating a brand-new one […]

Desperately Seeking Electrician

A reader sent in this query. Do you have any suggestions? “I live in Eagle Rock, Calif., and I am looking to replace our knob-and-tube wiring. I have had a number of […]

Help! Invading Bamboo!

It looks cute, but this thing could take over your yard and your neighbor’s yard. Question: Could you post an article on the responsible way to plant bamboo? Proper […]

A good question on solar blinds

Here’s a question from reader Dan in Canada: I am seeking information on solar blinds. I am up in Canada but have south facing windows in our home which cause […]
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