His and Hers Bathrooms

Are women and men really so different? The marketers for Manhattan West, a condo development in Las Vegas, seem to think so. As was reported on the Inman News blog, Manhattan […]

Is Contemporary Out? Already?

In 2008, I posed this question in a poll: Is contemporary style on its way out? My theory was that hard economic times would propel people into the comfort of traditional […]

The Drain That Never Clogs

The last time my sink clogged up, I tried muscle power and the force of a plunger to unclog the drain. When that failed miserably, I switched to liquid drain cleaner, then […]

Refinish or Replace the Bathtub?

Q: My bathtub is a mess, and a friend told me to consider refinishing. I read online that bathtub re-glazing might not be the wisest thing. I’ve always wanted a […]

Bathroom Makeover Was Due

Toward the end of her pregnancy, Cindy Fitzgerald had two goals: to remodel the bathroom where she would care for the new baby and to get it done before she delivered. […]

Two Complete Baths in 14 Days

The impetus to remodel is not always about trendy bathroom tile or increased property values. For Los Angeles homeowner Meg Moreta, a 43-year-old dietitian, it was her long […]

Big Challenges in a Little Bathroom

I’ve often suspected that the house I live in (built in the 1970s?) was made from “found materials.” We have ceiling beams of different thicknesses, various […]

It’s a Man’s Toilet

Ever notice how designer toilets are so curvy and sensuous? Not this toilet, by Toto, which is going in the opposite direction. It’s big. It’s solid. It’s […]

A Bar-height Table Works for Me

You know how everyone likes to sit up high on bar stools? But without having to be in a bar? Steve and Marygrace Carpenter like that feeling so much they got rid of their […]

The Epitome of an Un-green Bathroom

The good news is that I have a perfect example of a bathroom that breaks some of the basic rules of green building. The bad news is, the bathroom is in my house. Ideally, to […]

The $1,400 Ikea Bathroom Remodel

Here’s one of the latest creations posted on Ikea Hacker blog, where clever people find ways to create cool environments on a budget and mostly with Ikea products. The […]

Is a home urinal in your future?

We’re pretty stuck in our ways in this country when it comes to bathroom fixtures. Despite decades of marketing efforts by fixture manufactures, it still comes down to: […]

A Room With a View

After living in her 1950s Woodland Hills, Calif., ranch home for 14 years, Cathy Nordlund set out to do something she had never attempted before –completely gut and […]

Green Alternatives for Countertops

Astute eco-reader David sends in this helpful missive: “We just found a great posting on green alternatives for countertops. The list includes Richlite (used in a new […]
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