Contractor Issues

Why Competitive Bidding Doesn’t Work

Perhaps you’ve heard this quip when a spacecraft is launched: “There goes the lowest bid.” In my mind, trying to get the lowest bid for a remodeling project is just as […]

Dogs of the Job Site

I’m so happy to see that the editors of Fine Homebuilding are fun, lively and enlightened enough to not only admit that workers bring their dogs to the jobsite, but to […]

Lead Testing Made Simple

Whenever I’m told to test my house for lead or radon or mold or asbestos, I get a bad case of the “yeah buts. . . .” As in: Yeah, but . . . who do I call? […]

How to Talk to a Contractor

Speaking with a contractor or subcontractor can be difficult, especially when your remodeling project is already in progress. That’s because your house is likely torn […]

Two readers looking for contractors

The economy might be picking up. Folks are looking for contractors: Palm Desert/Coachella Valley Thanks for your words of caution regarding tips to research a contractor for […]

Got plans, need contractor

Julia and Mark are planning a remodel but are missing one critical piece of the puzzle: a good contractor. Here’s what they wrote: We live at the top of Beachwood […]

Fun Facts About Building Permits

If you live in the city of Los Angeles and are planning some home improvements, the city’s Department of Building and Safety offers some fascinating FAQs: Do I need a […]
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