Coping Skills

How to Remodel Like an Engineer

Here’s one of my favorite kitchens, built by Corona homeowner Rick Taylor for $7,500 during a three-week vacation. But here’s the best part: Rick’s wife […]

How to ghostbust your home

What You’ll Learn: Introduction Who You Gonna Call? The Investigation Proper Ghost Removal Troy Taylor is the author of more than 40 books on all things […]

Acting childish during a remodel?

I don’t mean to make fun of these adorable children dressed up like adults. Really I don’t. They’re precious. But this image got me thinking about what […]

How to Talk to a Contractor

Speaking with a contractor or subcontractor can be difficult, especially when your remodeling project is already in progress. That’s because your house is likely torn […]

Ever Been in Over Your Head?

There’s an interesting story by Michelle Hoffmann in today’s Real Estate section titled: Weekend wasters struggle with DIY home-repair jobs. The subhead says: […]

Seeking Sanity Amid Chaos

As far as I can tell, half the battle in remodeling is maintaining some semblance of sanity during the chaos. In a tragic coincidence, the people most likely to remodel are […]

What if Dreams Dwarf the Budget?

You know why this kitchen in Dani Taylor’s Northridge, Calif., house is so good-looking? That’s because she had so many years to think about it while other […]

In Praise of Architects

Before its major remodel, this 1921 Granada Hills home had virtually no discernable exterior style. That’s because the original house had been distorted in the 1950s […]

Grappling With Indecision

Kitchen before The fact that Judy and Roy Uehara’s dingy, cramped 27-year-old kitchen and adjacent family room were transformed into a luminous, elegant, granite- and […]