Design Ideas

A tile master in our midst

I’ll be heading out soon to interview tile artist and manufacturer Michelle Griffoul at her home in Buellton, just north of Santa Barbara, for a Pardon Our Dust […]

Can’t get enough tiny houses?

There’s a whole gaggle of ’em at You know, a tiny house need not be a full-time residence. Here’s how this site defines tiny houses: […]

A Week at Design School

If a new custom home or major remodel might require a year and a few hundred thousand dollars to pull off — or more — wouldn’t it make sense to spend a week […]

Gewgaw? Or nah?

Gew·gaw [gyoo-gaw]–noun: something gaudy and useless; trinket; bauble. ( Every now and again, we’re faced with a wrenching dilemma: Do we retain the […]

The rule of five

I got some good advice from furniture designer and TV host Amanda Pays. For those of us who want a consistent “flow” through our homes, Amanda suggests we limit […]

OK, this is too much fun . . .

I just spent a very pleasurable hour recreating my living room and dining room on this cool Better Homes & Gardens site called Arrange-a-Room. Why this should be so […]

A Craftsman comeback

So what do you do if you own a landmark California Craftsman home in Glendale whose cedar shakes have been painted some 20 times during the past century? Paint yet again? […]

The Anti-McMansion

Austrian native Stefan Hammerschmidt used a simple strategy in remodeling his 1924 Craftsman bungalow: He cooked. To bring out the best in framers, roofers, electricians, […]

Ikea solution for a ’70s wet bar

So you’ve got this wet bar in your 1970s house or apartment and it’s screaming for a mirror backing, glass shelves, a collection of cocktail glasses, a faux […]

New product: Instant tile backsplash

This new kitchen accessory from Broan (makers of those super-quiet exhaust fans, among other products) goes in the category of instant kitchen update for less than $500. Of […]

In Praise of Architects

Before its major remodel, this 1921 Granada Hills home had virtually no discernable exterior style. That’s because the original house had been distorted in the 1950s […]

Of Steinbeck and shipping containers

I could totally live in a house or addition made from shipping containers, like this Redondo Beach home by DeMaria Design Associates. Container houses bring to mind the first […]

Got pails of paint?

If you’re a serial remodeler, you’ve likely got half-full cans of latex paint around house. What to do with it? CNN reports on two cities, San Francisco and Miami, who […]
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