Green Remodeling

This green contractor takes a stand

Here’s the problem with green building: There is no firm agreement among all of us on what is green enough. Various green rating systems exist, and individual opinions […]

It’s easy going green . . . not!

Yes, I can change my light bulbs to compact fluorescents, drive an economical car and recycle as much as possible. I do and it’s easy. But when it comes to buying […]

YouTube Video: Modest green remodel

The young couple who remodeled their home in an environmentally conscious manner — and documented it in this well-done nine-minute YouTube video — did so because […]

The green glossary

Many of us are just waking up the importance of green building (thank you Ed Begley Jr. et al), but the L.A. Times was all over this years ago. Check out this Cheat sheet to […]

A prefab addition? Why not?

Having grown up in a construction family, I’m always pretty quick to defend the livelihoods of carpenters, masons, plasterers, plumbers and electricians who are out […]

Free trees for L.A. DWP customers

We’ve got to hand it to our ancestors, whose house-cooling strategies we’re only now beginning to appreciate: straw-bale and rammed-earth walls, sod roofs, cool […]

Green Alternatives for Countertops

Astute eco-reader David sends in this helpful missive: “We just found a great posting on green alternatives for countertops. The list includes Richlite (used in a new […]

Q&A: Is building green worth it?

<p><a href=”” onclick=”, […]

Q&A: Is building green worth it?

Question: I’m somewhat of a beginning investor/builder. I’m not passionate about green since it’s my belief that it’s just that much more costlier and […]

Clotheslines are the new cool

And just like that, drying clothes on a line is hip. It will help save the planet and it’s a way to make a green statement. Funny, just a few weeks ago, I considered it […]

Solar panel lessons from the field

John Park, who is blogging about his Burbank addition at Park Haus Blog, has a lesson to share about dealing with a solar panel company. John says: We’ve been having […]

10 trends in green kitchens

According to HGTV, here are the 10 trends in greening up your kitchen, along with links to some resources: 1. Low-VOC countertops (pictured: Richlite counter in a Claremont […]
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