Money Matters

Watch out for hidden remodeling costs

When penciling out costs for a remodel, factoring in flooring, tile, cabinets and other big-ticket items is a no-brainer. But the hidden, not-so-glamorous costs can make your […]

The $12,000 Luxury Kitchen Remodel

An enterprising homeowner in the Portland, Ore. area set out to do a luxury kitchen remodel for $10,000, according to his blog (which is anonymous, so we have to take this […]

What would you do with the 600 bucks?

As you may have heard, the federal government has a plan to stimulate the economy, and that could mean: Six hundred bucks coming at ya! Well, 117 million of us would get […]

How much does a remodel cost, anyway?

In my 17 years writing about remodels, I’ve been fairly insistent on one issue: The cost of the remodel must be revealed. After all, what value is a feature on a lovely […]

A new way to finance your remodel?

Would you lend this couple money to pay off their kitchen cabinets? More than 200 people bid on the opportunity to do just that. Check this out. This couple and the unique […]

Q&A: Is building green worth it?

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Q&A: Is building green worth it?

Question: I’m somewhat of a beginning investor/builder. I’m not passionate about green since it’s my belief that it’s just that much more costlier and […]

Solar panel lessons from the field

John Park, who is blogging about his Burbank addition at Park Haus Blog, has a lesson to share about dealing with a solar panel company. John says: We’ve been having […]

What if Dreams Dwarf the Budget?

You know why this kitchen in Dani Taylor’s Northridge, Calif., house is so good-looking? That’s because she had so many years to think about it while other […]

Cheap granite: An oxymoron?

If you want granite but worry about the cost, here’s how you make it more affordable: 1. Use granite in one place only, like on the island, rather than in the whole […]

Live well now, sell high later

You know what’s so sad about Designed to Sell, one of my favorite TV shows? It’s that the homeowners spent years in an awkward, cluttered, unattractive home until […]
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