My Remodel

How green is my footprint?

Have you ever wondered how many planets it would take to sustain all 6.6 billion humans on Earth at your rate of consumption? Yeah, me neither. But it’s an interesting […]

Ever Been in Over Your Head?

There’s an interesting story by Michelle Hoffmann in today’s Real Estate section titled: Weekend wasters struggle with DIY home-repair jobs. The subhead says: […]

Before solar panels, a reality check

Reader Rich W. has given me two good ideas regarding my quest for a solar-powered home: 1. Learn more about photovoltaic systems and design my own, then hire an installer. 2. […]

Loving my new solar-powered fountain

I’m loving my new solar-powered fountain, which gives me the soothing sounds of water outside my office window without running up my electric bill. And I feel connected […]

Aging wood with coffee, dirt and wax

I’m awfully proud of myself and thought I’d take this opportunity to brag a little. The boasting has to do with some 3-inch long wooden corners I wanted to create […]

Big Challenges in a Little Bathroom

I’ve often suspected that the house I live in (built in the 1970s?) was made from “found materials.” We have ceiling beams of different thicknesses, various […]

Table makeover

UPDATE: See the finished table I feel like quite the artist as I transform an old workbench destined for the dump pile into a dual-purpose buffet and work table for my patio. […]

Should this table be saved?

I'm a hypocrite when it comes to the "dump pile" out behind Bill's workshop. While I've been critical of that pile over the years, and begged Bill to […]

What I learned

Thanks for all the advice on my exterior paint. I feel much better about the weird green trim. And by that I mean: I know I can change it and it's not the end of the […]

Too much weird green?

The red I’ve chosen for my house is absolutely awesome. Perfect. Fills me with joy. But the green trim? I’m not sure it’s the perfect color. But […]

One cool tool

If you have a deserving DIY-er on your holiday gift list, one of these new small cordless screw guns is a cool way to go. Bosch came out with its little 10.8-volt Pocket […]

Everybody’s got an opinion

In the days or weeks between the time you choose your house colors and the day the paint goes on, doubt can creep in. “Oh, man, that’s bright,” the painting […]

Evil ivy

What’s the deal with ivy? It climbs where it’s not wanted, chokes and kills most other greenery in its path and harbors bugs and spiders. Why would anybody plant […]

My Remodel: Getting started

Let me be blunt: My house looks like a crack house. How else do you explain the peeling paint, drafty single-pane windows, leaky fixtures, falling-down fences and overall […]

The Epitome of an Un-green Bathroom

The good news is that I have a perfect example of a bathroom that breaks some of the basic rules of green building. The bad news is, the bathroom is in my house. Ideally, to […]
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