New Products

Dwell on Design Conference

If you want to stretch your design vocabulary, you might consider attending the Dwell on Design conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Put on by the San […]

Peel-and-stick solar panels

See a fast-motion video showing 2.25 kilowatts of Lumeta solar panels installed in 34 minutes. These will be featured at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference June 24 to 27 […]

A Light Bulb That Lasts 13 Years

A light bulb developed by General Electric uses cutting-edge technology to last 13 years based on 3 hours a day of use. Let’s put it into perspective. Imagine […]

New: A non-toxic primer from Kilz

Q: What’s even better than blocking stains with KILZ primer-sealer? A: Doing so without poisoning yourself. I’ve been a fan of KILZ stain-blocking primer for […]

The Drain That Never Clogs

The last time my sink clogged up, I tried muscle power and the force of a plunger to unclog the drain. When that failed miserably, I switched to liquid drain cleaner, then […]

Cool New French Door Wall Ovens

You know, new products were a lot more fun years ago when we were rolling in dough and using our homes as ATM machines to fix up our homes. Of course, the big new mortgages […]

What’s Up With the Blue Wood?

If you’ve noticed some houses in your area being built or fixed up with blue- colored framing lumber, roof trusses and sheathing panels, you may think the Smurfs came […]

Recalled: Log Swings Missing Nail

  Got one of these log swings? Make sure all the nails are in place. I don’t really know why I’ve become so obsessed with recalled home-related goods. Some […]

Cushions You Can Compost?

Does this bug you, too? You have a pillow, blanket or other textile that is clearly past its prime and too worn for the Goodwill. But you hate to see it take the slow ride to […]

Cool home gadgets and stuff

Maybe I don’t get out enough, or maybe it’s the altitude, but when I’m in an airplane and I pick up Sky Mall magazine, I get excited about home gadgets and […]

Bringing back the iron

Perhaps it was on the same the day scientists figured out how to nanotechnologize (a new word, you read it here first) Dockers slacks to repel all wrinkles and stains that […]

The high end of eco lighting

These lamps were designed by Deniece Duscheone, an award-winning lighting designer and a LEED-accredited professional. Her most recent project was the $56 million renovation […]

A Cool, Mod Overhang Option

As I asked in an earlier posting, what do you do if your front entrance is without distinction? Or your side or rear entrances, for that matter? Arnie and Lily chose one […]

One cool tool

If you have a deserving DIY-er on your holiday gift list, one of these new small cordless screw guns is a cool way to go. Bosch came out with its little 10.8-volt Pocket […]

Got this grout sealer? Beware . . .

This is kind of an old story: Stand ‘n Seal grout sealer was found to be dangerous and was recalled in 2005. But this is just the kind of home-improvement product you […]

But can your iPhone roast a brisket?

OK, so this contraption that chills and then cooks your dinner — and responds to phone prompts — costs nearly $8,000. That’s ridiculous, of course. But once the early […]

New product: Instant tile backsplash

This new kitchen accessory from Broan (makers of those super-quiet exhaust fans, among other products) goes in the category of instant kitchen update for less than $500. Of […]

Solar hot water in a box

A new DIY solar hot water system has been introduced by Fafco, a Chico-based company that specializes in solar pool heaters. The new system can be installed by two homeowners […]

Trex now more wood-like

There’s a lot to like about Trex or other composite decking materials. They don’t splinter, split, rot or need painting or staining. And they’re made from […]

After 400 years, a comeback

The 400-year-old Dutch-door style is making a “major comeback,” according to door and window manufacturer Jeld-Wen. You have to admit, Dutch doors are fun: Close […]
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