New: A non-toxic primer from Kilz

Q: What’s even better than blocking stains with KILZ primer-sealer? A: Doing so without poisoning yourself. I’ve been a fan of KILZ stain-blocking primer for […]

Lead Testing Made Simple

Whenever I’m told to test my house for lead or radon or mold or asbestos, I get a bad case of the “yeah buts. . . .” As in: Yeah, but . . . who do I call? […]

Q&A: How to Paint a Brick Fireplace?

Question: I have hated my brick fireplace since day one of living in my otherwise-fabulous home. I have considered removing the brick altogether and creating a brand-new one […]

Dan Gallagher finishes his mural

I’d like to think I played some small part in the fabulous success being enjoyed by Dan Gallagher, a young, hardworking and extremely courteous decorative painter from […]

What I learned

Thanks for all the advice on my exterior paint. I feel much better about the weird green trim. And by that I mean: I know I can change it and it's not the end of the […]