Peel-and-stick solar panels

See a fast-motion video showing 2.25 kilowatts of Lumeta solar panels installed in 34 minutes. These will be featured at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference June 24 to 27 […]

The greenest remodel in America?

If you can’t sell your parent’s former home, why not turn it into a showcase for green remodeling? That’s exactly what Jay DeChesere and his wife did with a […]

Are solar panels ugly?

In Santa Monica, California, home of the really pretty people, solar panels are fine as long as you hide them from view. That is according to a blog posting at the L.A. […]

Shop — Solar-powered string lights

 Solar-Powered String Lights These solar-powered string lights are available in green and white. Since they aren't tethered to an outlet, they can be used virtually […]