A union-made remodel?

Speaking of the striking writers’ union, are you pro-union, anti-union or somewhere in the center? I’ve got my own pro-union bias because my dad was a union […]

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August 2007 A bamboo sink? Uh, I dunno . . . Have a hard time picturing new space? Get a scale model made Young designers learn the facts of remodeling life Is a down real […]

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• • 2008 SoCal home improvement calendar • • • • Kitchens • • Baths • • Polls • • SoCal remodels • • • • Contractor issues • • Check a […]

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Park Haus Addition Following a Burbank home addition. Our Cosmetic Fixer Jason and Lori discover that their 1926 Spanish home in Los Angeles needs more than paint. 1921 […]

Happy Fourth of July

After covering home improvement for most of the past two decades, and writing profiles of nearly 600 projects, I know one thing for sure: A person who undertakes a remodel […]

Book Report: Remodel This!

Do we really need another book on how to get through a home remodel? I mean, people have been remodeling since they started hanging pelts over cave openings, right? And […]

Move every few years? Not this artist

Artist and professor Gilah Hirsch has lived in her Venice home since 1974, and she has no plans to leave. Rather, she continues to make it into a very personal space. To get […]

Remodeling tips for Paris Hilton

From the Bloom Where You Are Planted Incarcerated Dept.: Next time I go to jail, Martha Stewart will be my role model, not Paris Hilton. Martha took her sentence like a […]

N*E*W: SoCal Remodeling Links

Pardon Our Dust Alumni: Designers and Architects Pardon Our Dust Alumni: General Contractors County and City Building Departments Remodeling Industry […]

Memorial for a House

I admit it: I get emotionally attached to houses. When they get torn down, or parts of them are demolished during remodeling, I feel a loss. Do you? Here are some ways to […]

Plan to play contractor?

If so, check out this story, “So you want to be your own contractor,” in this weekend’s San Francisco Chronicle. The subhead is: “Be super-prepared […]

Remodeling Industry Associations

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) AIA Los Angeles AIA Pasadena-Foothill AIA Long Beach-South Bay AIA San Fernando Valley AIA Orange County AIA Inland California AIA […]

SoCal Building Departments

Check on a contractor’s license status City of Los Angeles Dept. of Building and Safety (LADBS) LADBS Home Owners Guide to Additions and Remodeling (PDF) LADBS Plan […]
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