Changing course: You hate to do it, but sometimes you gotta

TolldemoIt was just after the demolition phase of his kitchen remodel that Ian Denchasy realized he was in way over his head. It was a simple mistake. He started out with a plan to replace some cabinets and got carried away. By the time the entire kitchen was gutted, and the ceiling punched up to the rafters, Ian was lost, depressed and nearly frantic. It was only when he called in a carpenter to help that his beautiful new kitchen started to come together.

Changing course during a remodel is probably the last thing you should think of doing. But sometimes, it’s absolutely necessary.

In Angela Beach‘s case, she was pregnant with her second child and orchestrating her all-encompassing Sherman Oaks remodel when the doctor put her on bed rest. At that point it was necessary to hire a general contractor to take over.

The opposite scenario happened with Greg Kohout and Bob Curbelo who started out by hiring a contractor to remodel their vintage Pasadena home. But after a series of unfortunate events, they fired the contractor and took over hiring and supervising subcontractors themselves. That strategy worked out because of flexible work schedules that allowed one of the homeowners to be on site most of the time.

How about you? Have you ever had to change course during a remodel?