Changing Light Bulbs in Tall Ceilings

How come I never knew about this? I was searching for something else on Amazon, looking for an attachment for my painter’s pole. And then I saw this 11-ft. Light Bulb Changer Kit. Did everyone else know about this and nobody bothered to tell me? It figures.

Never having lived in a house with tall ceilings, I wondered how folks who do change their lightbulbs. I imagined them hauling a ladder, climbing up, and getting the job done. But what about really, really high ceilings? What I’ve observed is a lot of dead light bulbs in high ceilings. It’s too much work/bother for many people. And for some, it’s not safe. I walked in on my 93-year-old neighbor standing on her bed to change a lightbulb. Uh, no.

So here’s the answer: A collection of grippers that fit onto the end of a painter’s pole. There are different sizes for different types and sizes of light bulbs like standard, floodlights, and recessed bulbs. This kit even has the pole included.

So now I know. One more light shining the darkness of ignorance. It’s a good day.