Cheap granite: An oxymoron?

Beach_3If you want granite but worry about the cost, here’s how you make it more affordable:

1. Use granite in one place only, like on the island, rather than in the whole kitchen.

2. Use granite tiles with a wood edge, rather than slab granite with bull-nose edging, which is very expensive. As setting tile is one of the easiest DIY jobs, you could do a granite-tile job yourself.

3. If you do use slab granite, forego the bullnose edge and have a carpenter put a wood edge on it, as designer Angela Beach did in her Sherman Oaks kitchen (pictured).

4. If you really want slab granite, you can buy pre-cut sections, 8-feet, 10-feet and 12-feet long. This is much less expensive than buying a slab and having it “fabricated” to your specifications. But you’ll have to design your kitchen with standard measurements.

5. For the backsplash, go with tile.

6. Some types of granite are much less expensive than other, more exotic or exciting types. I suggest you go to tile and kitchen stores, look at and touch the granite samples, and make sure have all the facts before you decide for or against granite in your kitchen.

Any other ideas?

(Photo: L.A. Times)