Coming Wednesday: One-hour “webinar” on financing options for rooftop solar

SolarpanelsA one-hour webinar titled "The Advance of the Solar PPA: When an Organization Is Ready for a Power Purchase Agreement" will be held by Greentech Media on Wednesday, Sept. 19, at 9 a.m. (12 noon Eastern time).

The webinar is geared mostly to businesses that want to add solar to their buildings, but Brady Murray of Greentech Media tells me that homeowners could get something out of it. He says: "The beginning of the webinar is a decent introduction to solar systems and the various options available for installation and finance of systems." However, as the webinar continues, the focus will turn to how businesses can get a solar system up and running.

During the event, executives from Tioga Energy will discuss with host Scott Clavenna of Greentech Media such topics as:

• Site and energy-demand assessments
• System design, financing and purchase
• Partner-led solar-panel installation
• Initiation of system power and completion of certifications and regulatory requirements
• Ongoing system monitoring, maintenance and service

To sign up, click here. If nothing else, you can say you not only know what a webinar is, but you have participated in one, as well. There is a 15-minute interactive Q&A at the end.

Extra credit: Read a Q&A on changing solar laws with Claudine Schneider, president of The Solar Alliance, recently formed by a group of 22 solar power companies.