Curbside Critic: Oops! Pebble driveway coating not sticking

PebbledrivewayIt must have seemed like a good idea at the time. You can imagine these SoCal homeowners all jazzed up about a new pebble and resin coating on their driveway. They may have read marketing materials about how the new surface would add value to their home, set off the architecture and set the house apart in the neighborhood of big and nice but somewhat homogenous houses.

The pebbles do set the house apart, but not in a good way. With the resin giving way and letting the pebbles loose to find new homes on the sidewalk, gutter, or adjacent lawn, this house looks way worse than it would have with the native concrete driveway. Notice the pebbles coming off the front of the steps? So it’s not just the car tires loosening the stones.

Anyone else had this kind of problem? Or know what causes it? Or how to avoid it?

Resource: SoCal paving contractors