Cushions You Can Compost?

Compost pillows

Does this bug you, too? You have a pillow, blanket or other textile that is clearly past its prime and too worn for the Goodwill. But you hate to see it take the slow ride to the dump.

Here’s the answer: textiles of certified organic cotton and other materials that are designed to be composted when you’re done with them. The company’s name is Looolo, and its website explained that it takes one year for the cushions, blankets and scarves to break down and go back to the earth.

Of course, you’d never want that to happen as the cushions cost several hundred dollars and the blankets twice that. But hey, this is how great things start, and with mass production based on vast consumer demand, the price will go down. The company is no longer around, but the concept may yet be revived.

More on biodegradable goods from the New York Times.

(Photo: New York Times)