Customers rate cabinetmakers

For the first time, J.D. Power has measured customer satisfaction for new cabinets.

The Westlake Village-based research firm surveyed 842 customers in April and May who had bought cabinets in the previous year. Customers were asked about their satisfaction based on five factors (in order of importance): operational performance, ordering and delivery, design features, price competitiveness, and warranty.

On a scale of 1 to 5, the ratings are . . .

CarpentercabinetArmstrong (5 points)

Quality Cabinets (5 points)

American Woodmark (4 points)

Kitchen Craft (4 points)

KraftMaid (3 points)

Merillat (2 points)

Mill’s Pride (2 points)

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By the way, the cabinets pictured here were made by a non-English-speaking carpenter, presumably unlicensed and probably undocumented, in a converted garage off an alley. He is the father of a student of the homeowner, who was so dissatisfied with her cabinet-shopping experience — prices too high, kitchen shop owner had too much attitude and tried to jack up the prices, the homeowner claimed — that she turned to the cabinet underground.

If you hang around the building industry long enough, you notice people have a lot of trouble with new cabinets, including complaints about high prices, getting the wrong cabinets delivered, and with parts and pieces missing. Though I’m not advocating this anti-establishment method of cabinet commerce, which seems way too risky for me, I do understand what drives people to it. And I have to report that this homeowner’s satisfaction level is very high.

Had any good experiences with new cabinets? Any bad experiences?

2 Comments on Customers rate cabinetmakers

  1. robert jay

    Buying cabinets is probably THE biggest headache in remodeling, whether for kitchen or bath — ya wanna HANG the jerks! Timing is better now that the stupidity boom is over, but Canadian mfgrs can not compete with a cheap Loonie (the Canadian $). That alone, allows/encourages US mfgrs to jack up their prices. We got great cabinets from Canada thru a shop on Robertson Blvd — GREAT CHERRY wood that was uniform/harmonious throughout. Did a master bath remodel and, UNLIKE THE DISPLAY MODELS, and a verbal demand the the wood be “more uniform” another local yokel delivered a ‘rainbow of pieces’ that looked like something from a high school shop class, saving money by putting SCRAP WOOD together. IKEA can be a GREAT place to get kitchen/bath cabinets — we know several senior designers from LA & SF who work for the top 5 US design firms — they used IKEA in their homes to great effect. PUT IN WRITING ON THE ORDER FORM what you REQUIRE …that way you have a legal out when some contractor delivers crap at high prices.

  2. Willie

    The problem nowadays is that contractors are acting like little gods just because they are licensed. I can get the same or better quality at a lower price from unlicensed people. By the way, the cabinets are gorgeous.