Dan Gallagher finishes his mural

The 300-square-foot mural is done and installedI’d like to think I played some small part in the fabulous success being enjoyed by Dan Gallagher, a young, hardworking and extremely courteous decorative painter from Sierra Madre.

One day he’s featured in the Pardon Our Dust Blog (here, here and here), and the next thing you know, he and his work are featured in print, in the Home Section of the Los Angeles Times.

Above you see, clockwise from top left, Dan admiring the 300-square-foot mural he painted, Dan and mural installer Michael Baughman putting up the mural, Michael applying the adhesive, and another room where Dan applied metallic Venetian plaster.

With this kind of talent, he should go far. And I’m taking some of the credit!

(Photos: David Sprague / For The Times)