Design Challenge: Will black Mission-style tables go with this couch?

Kyla loves this couch.

But will the couch go with these Mission-style tables?

Your fellow home enthusiast Kyla has a design dilemma and needs your help. She’s in love with this two-tone couch and ottoman with dark leather on the bottom and milk chocolate microfiber cushions. She’s also quite enamored with black Mission-style tables.

And she writes:

Will these two looks be good together or will the black and brown look horrible? If these looks will be a good look, what would you suggest for wall color? Also down the road we will be replacing the floors. I would like to go with wood and I prefer DARK wood over light. Do you have any suggestions? I am at a total loss. I feel like I have lost sense of imagination and can’t put a look together for anything. I’m forever second-guessing myself.

Any suggestions for Kyla?

1 Comment on Design Challenge: Will black Mission-style tables go with this couch?

  1. David Kean

    I like the vertical lines of the table, and they tie into with the folds of the tufting on the sofa cushions. More important than how the table looks with the sofa, is how it looks in the room as a whole. To make a room successful there need to be a design commonality. Not that everything must match, but should be complimentary.
    Black is a great grounding color and unifier. Black is a nice compliment to almost any color. Use accessories to tie the colors together. Even something as simple as a tabletop book with brown, black, and perhaps a color from an accent pillow on the sofa can tie the whole thing together.