Designer to Pedestal Sink: Goodbye and Good Riddance!

In response to our lively discussion about the pros and cons of pedestal sinks (I’ve pretty much decided against it for my bathroom, thank you all), L.A. designer Enid Harris sent in before-and-after photos of her own recently remodeled guest bathroom.

Here’s the story, in Enid’s own words:

“I recently remodeled my Westwood townhouse and couldn’t wait to get rid of the pedestal sinks!

“I deem them useless because although they might create the look of having more space, they don’t function which is more important (to me).

Bathroom Before

“I have a tiny powder room in which the previous owners tore out a great wall-to-wall cabinet and put in a pedestal sink. Since it’s used primarily for guests, there was nowhere to put a guest towel, much less extra toilet paper.

“I ended up designing a wall-to-wall cabinet, putting a vessel sink on it with a very cool wall-mount faucet and then I wallpapered the entire tiny room, even the ceiling. It’s not only functional (guests don’t have to yell for toilet paper), but it’s a little jewel of a room which everyone comments on.”

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