Details of kitchen design you may not think of until it’s way too late

KitchendesignerKitchen designer Susan Serra, author of the always-inspiring Kitchen Designer blog, has sat down and thought up 10 "secret" details to good kitchen design that you wouldn’t really think of until you are deep into a project, when it’s hard to make changes.

It’s far better to think of these details now, in the planning stages, rather than on the day the carpenter shows up to install the moldings.

Here are three of Susan’s tips:

Microwave oven — Don’t assume it can easily be built in snugly for a great tight look. Many microwaves have trim kits that MUST be used or the warranties will not be in effect. I’ve not come across any microwaves that can be built in tightly, ever.

Large sink — You love the large sinks, but beware of how deep they are front to back. If they are undermounted, add the rim size to determine if your faucet will fit underneath the countertop. More and more, I am making sink bases deeper to accommodate these large sinks. This also affects adjacent cabinetry!

Colliding casings and moldings — Will your cabinet crown molding and window or door casings collide? That’s just not right! Check floor, cabinet and ceiling junctures.

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