Didn’t like my latest Pardon Our Dust kitchen? Try this one

ParrishReader Pat Parrish wasn’t very impressed with my most recent Pardon Our Dust feature about a Santa Barbara dream kitchen. Pat wrote: "I felt that these people paid way too much for what they got: $70,000 NOT including appliances! And 4 months!"

By the way, Pat’s was not the only complaint I received about the Santa Barbara kitchen. And let me say now to one and all: Thanks for sharing!

In defense of that kitchen, none of the photos I’ve seen so far capture the exquisite artisan beauty of the tile backsplash, the concrete counters or the magnificent wood cabinets. I know mere words seem hollow. But if you trust me at all, even a little bit, please know that what I saw in person and what you saw in print or on the Internet are vastly different. I’m sorry the beauty wasn’t captured. The beauty is there, however.

So, back to Pat, who told me she did a larger kitchen for much less money and in a shorter amount of time. So I’m like: Bring it on!

Here you see Pat’s new kitchen, and here’s what she has to say about it:

My condo kitchen is 9′ X 17′. Three years ago I gutted it and started over. I used a project manager who charged me a flat $5,000. She brought excellent workers to the job and in 2 months it was my dream kitchen. All stainless steel appliances, limestone counters (which I love), a farmhouse sink, handmade subway tiles from Ann Sacks, a raised ceiling, hardwood floors, a Miele dishwasher, maple cabinets with a mocha glaze, etc. And they cut a window into the living room.

Total cost: Under $50,000. And in 2 months.

What do you think of Pat’s new kitchen?

3 Comments on Didn’t like my latest Pardon Our Dust kitchen? Try this one

  1. ann

    My first reaction was that it’s pleasing to look at: warmth, colors, materials. The blank oven wall doesn’t bother me, as noted by another poster. I have young children, so it would be covered in artwork, no doubt. So many kitchens I see now seem awkward for cooks or cleanup. Pleasing to look at, but function seems sacrificed. That dishwasher to the side of the sink would drive me crazy. Especially with that lovely rug that I’m dripping all over as I load the dishwasher. Refrigerator is not visible, but I’m guessing it’s along the dishwasher wall across from the wall ovens. For my tastes, that’s too far from the sink & microwave. If the fridge is used mainly as a beverage cooler, I guess it’s okay, but if meals are cooked nightly and leftovers need to be purged weekly, including spoiling produce that can become messy, that trek to the sink over the carpet just wouldn’t work for me.

  2. Susan Serra, CKD

    It’s lovely, and I hope she loves it. IMO, she gets points for painting red on the walls and putting a large carpet in the space. Lots of interest there.
    Points taken away for those corner wall cabinets. I’d rather see the wall cabinets just die straight into the window wall. Looks too confining. More points taken away for the large, flat, side of the oven cabinet. Put some decorative objects on the side, and farther down than you think you should. Perhaps a piece of molding painted in the color of the countertop could be positioned at the countertop height on the side of the oven cabinet, splitting it into sections.
    I suppose she is fine with the dishwasher in that spot, I have another client who wants it there as well, I’m not sure I would, but no points taken away for that!

  3. Carl Heldmann

    $50,000 and she has a microwave on the counter? I am sure the range hood was a “must”, but a combo microwave hood/vent sure would have been a better use of space, and provided more counter space.
    Carl Heldmann