Dinner guests snooping through your prescriptions?

HiddencabinetJust kidding. I think.

But nosy visitors reading the labels on prescriptions — or even "borrowing" a few — was the first thought that popped in my mind when I saw this clever hidden cabinet on the Charles and Hudson blog. I mean, I don’t even have any prescriptions.

But if I did, I’d certainly want to have them handy yet concealed, not in a standard medicine cabinet (should it be called a "drug cabinet") for all snoops to see.

This cabinet would work especially well in a bathroom like mine where the mirror above the sink is just that, a mirror, and not the front for a medicine cabinet.

You can find medium and large models for $250 and up in white, black, maple, espresso, coffee bean (hey, that’s my favorite drug) at the Concealed Cabinet. Interiors are either white or natural wood, and you can special-order models with dark walnut or cherry frames. And by the way, you put your own photo or artwork behind the glass.

See Concealed Cabinets installed in homes in Hollywood, San Diego and Upland.