Dispatch from the kitchen and bath show

KBIS Susan SerraKitchen designer Susan Serra, who writes an ever-inspiring blog called The Kitchen Designer, just got back from the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Chicago and offered to share with Pardon Our Dust readers the five big trends she saw:

1. Green: This year, much more than last year, KBIS was nearly ALL about living in an eco-friendly way. Mainstream companies small and large appear to be taking strides in an eco-friendly direction. I cannot overstate this as an overview observation.

2. Healthy: From new steam oven introductions, to refrigerator air scrubbing filters, to hoods replacing bad air with clean air (continually), and BioFresh refrigerator technology, there’s definitely a concentration by appliance manufacturers on eating and living healthy.

3. Energy- and water-efficient: This is seen in various ways: LED lighting is now used more frequently in place of less-efficient lighting. Less water is coming through the new faucets. Induction cooking is becoming more popular. And gas cooktops are becoming more energy-efficient.

4. Glamorous: I don’t know what the economy is doing, but I am seeing glamour in the kitchen! Lights, color, drama and glitz are seen in hoods, countertops, appliances, tile and hardware. No product category is excluded.

5. A shift in who sets the trends: Decorative trends continue to be seen (loads of browns in cabinetry and metals). But the vast array of choices available in colors and finishes illustrates that trends follow the whims of the public more than the public following the style demands of the manufacturers. Perhaps the tables have turned!

Thanks, Susan! For more, visit her blog.