DIY paintings: Hot or not hot?


For a cool contemporary home, these DIY paintings might be fun and flexible.

These look so sophisticated. But actually, they’re simply canvases stretched on wood frames covered liberally with gesso-thickened paint. And where in the world would artists be without the miracle of gesso?

Just moving one colored canvas in or out of a scene makes a big difference.

Other advantages: These canvases are:

• Easy to hang
• Easy to store
• Easy to move

These paintings were included in “Kitty Bartholomew’s Decorating Style,” a book that I co-authored.

They were photographed in the Westwood condo of a cool young couple.

(Photos: Sharon Cavanagh)

1 Comment on DIY paintings: Hot or not hot?

  1. sheila

    if you think of them as “wallpaper,” they are fine. What they are not is art…