Does pan drawer beneath cooktop work for you?

ChronkitchenI was reading a story about a $100,000, three-year kitchen remodel in the San Francisco Chronicle this morning when I came across this photo.

It’s a handsome kitchen, no doubt about it.

But I was struck by the pan drawer underneath the cooktop. Of course you have to put something under a cooktop. It can’t well be dead space.

But the idea of having to move away from the burners to get something from the drawer just doesn’t seem right. And wouldn’t stuff on the burners, like pasta sauce, splash down onto the drawer’s contents?

I would almost prefer to see two open shelves tucked under there with good-looking pots and pans displayed.

Is it just me?

Or is this a logical place — indeed the very best place — to put a big drawer for pots and pans?

Please, enlighten me.

(Photo: Eric Luse, San Francisco Chronicle)

5 Comments on Does pan drawer beneath cooktop work for you?

  1. laurie burke

    Underneath a cook top, the options are better then they where 20 years ago. If I had a choice between
    a) two doors with a shelf
    b) two doors with two roll out trays
    c) no doors, exposing the roll out trays.
    d) two large pot and pan drawers
    I would prefer option D. It’s easier to find what you are looking for without struggling to bend down and look inside a dark cabinet. The roll out trays are ok but it is an extra set of doors to get through, kind of like “Get Smart” going through a set of doors to open another set of roll out trays. Then repeat in reverse order. Simpler is better. I like the open shelves outfitted with stainless roll outs, but this leads to more dusty areas to take care of.

  2. RichW

    We use the pan drawers under our cooktop for things like measuring cups, funnels, meat thermometers, and various large utensils. For us is has been easier to keep pans in the cupboard across the kitchen, silly as it may sound !

  3. susan

    Two open shelves and then you have to rifle through the pots and pans? Actually, it can be a very cool look, especially if done with, say, steel rods and a few pots and pans, not many. But, still, it would make me cranky to look through them rather than pulling something out for maximum accessibility. I have to say, this kind of question makes me think, what would they say in a third world country about this “dil.emma?” I think of that when I struggle with details that really shouldn’t be a “struggle.” Yet, it’s all perspective.
    On this one, I’m definitely with modernmama!

  4. Kathy Price-Robinson

    Excellent, perspective, modernemama. Thanks for that! I see it differently now.

  5. modernemama

    I never gave it a moment’s thought until I moved into a kitchen with two sets of pan drawers under a cooktop. Now I’d never design a kitchen any other way. I have to keep my pasta pot in another cabinet because it’s too tall to fit and it really annoys me because with the under cooktop drawers I can stir sauce with one hand and reach to get a pan with the other – no stepping away, I just bend slightly back. And I haven’t had sauce in the drawer yet, either.