Does your green builder run a green business?

SemmessolarWhat is a green builder? Is it a builder who recommends you install a tankless water heater and energy-efficient windows and use nontoxic paints?

Yes, but . . . how about the way the contractor runs his or her own business? Is it green? Does the contractor walk the talk? Or just talk?

Here are clues that your green builder runs a green business:

• Workers drive trucks that get good gas mileage or are fueled by biodiesel or liquid natural gas.
• Salespeople drive energy-efficient cars, not Hummers.
• Company offices use only compact fluorescent lightbulbs, not incandescent bulbs.
• The company has transitioned into paperless systems as much as possible.
• Company offices are energy efficient with Energy Star appliances, superior insulation, natural daylighting, dual-pane windows and, possibly, are powered with solar panels or wind turbines.
• The company uses mobile solar power on job sites (pictured).

What I think: Any contractor claiming to be a green builder should also run a green business.

Comments? Analysis? Opinions?