Drama in rehab: Test your flipping IQ

Flippingout2Not enough drama in your own remodel?

Bravo’s new show, Flipping Out, will fill in the gap. The show premieres Tuesday and “follows the antics of one of Los Angeles’ most colorful real estate speculators, Jeff Lewis,” the website says. “It takes a special kind of personality to handle flipping six multimillion-dollar houses at one time, but Lewis, an obsessive-compulsive successful businessman, pulls it off and turns a six-figure profit on every property.”

He has a wacky team to help him, including an assistant/actress/rapper who does voiceovers, his former boyfriend, and a cadre of therapists and spiritual advisors. And remember: no giggling during the house blessing! Yup, only in L.A.

To get tuned up for the new show, take the flipping IQ test. Here’s the first question:

Q: You just purchased a small one-bedroom Mid-century-modern house in Malibu for $900,000. Great location, but it needs some work to transform it into a luxury home for profit. You have $500,000 to spend. Where do you start with the renovations?

Take the test and watch the first episode to see how this guy “found a business that validates and celebrates” his OCD. Warning: It’s easy to get sick of this guy who states that “you either live like me or want to live like me.” Uh, not. But the show is addictive. And that’s an L.A. kind of thing.

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