Dream Home Diaries: Breaking ground (finally!)

DreamhomediariesBack in November 2006, writers Paul B. Brown and Allison Davis set out to build their dream home. How hard could it be? Trouble is, they live in Massachusetts and their dream home is on a tiny island in Florida. And, they have never done this before. So, yeah, the learning curve has been great.

We’ve been able to follow along with the couple’s journey on their blog, Dream Home Diaries, which they write for the New York Times. There were many ups and downs as they looked for an architect and a builder, as they learned about local zoning laws, as they tried to discover their own needs and wants, as well as their budget.

Now, finally, they are breaking ground. What I like about the blog is not so much the couple’s essays, but the passionate comments from readers, who have tried to guide and educate the couple in their adventure. Much can be learned from these readers, many of whom have built or remodeled a home.

The couple figure the house will be done in six months and for $600,000, but readers have their doubts.

(If you are a writerly type and starting a new home or major remodel and don’t mind sharing every intimate detail of your project with the world, I’d love to feature your posts on this very blog. Email me. We’ll talk.)

(Photo: NY Times)