Email from your trash can: “Empty me, I’m full”

TrashcanfrescoWho knew the future could be so delightful?

Here is a story from CNN called “High tech meets high tide at beach of the future” that details some computer-based innovations planned for the beach in Ocean City, N.J.

There are electronic wrist bands to keep track of kids, and wireless internet capacities, and electronic signs that show drivers where the empty parking spots are.

But the futuristic features I like best are the trash cans equipped with a solar-powered sensor that sends an email to cleanup crews when the cans are three-quarters full and ready to be emptied. I’ve been to quite a few beaches that could benefit from that kind of trash technology.

And the technology could follow us home. Imagine your teenage son getting a text message on his cell phone regarding the status of the kitchen trash can he’s supposed to be emptying. See, it’s not you nagging. It’s just a matter of scientific fact that the thing is full and needs to be emptied. He can’t argue with that. Can he?