Encinitas, Calif., Powder Room Wins Award

This gorgeous (and expensive-looking) powder room in an Encinitas, Calif., home won a design award from the National Kitchen and Bath Assn. Here’s the design statement for what the judges call a “New Mexican masterpiece”:

“The home was totally gutted and remodeled in a New Mexican design style. All materials were reclaimed where possible and the color theme throughout is earthy and natural. The powder room is located off the hall opposite the kitchen, in close proximity to the living and dining areas.

“The door to the powder room incorporates hand-carved Guatemalan panels. The sink furniture was designed with carved motifs introducing a bowed front and suspended off the floor. The semi-submerged vessel sink is made of onyx and illuminated from underneath. To highlight this beauty, a wooden top was selected to match the carved fascia. The toilet sits opposite the sink and features a wooden stained seat to compliment the other wood in the space. The flooring is reclaimed European terra cotta pavers set in a herringbone pattern.

“The room towers up to a 16-foot skylight. To bring a more human quality into the space, vigas were installed at eight feet.”

Cheryl Hamilton-Gray, CKD, Hamilton-Gray Design, Encinitas

Cabinets: La Puerta Originals
Countertops: La Puerta Originals
Flooring: Walker Zanger
Fixtures/Fitting: Doralfe
Sink: Stone Forest
Toilet: Kohler
Other: Custom door and vigas by La Puerta Originals

(Photo: Scott McKay)

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3 Comments on Encinitas, Calif., Powder Room Wins Award

  1. Restroom Trailer

    You’ve got quite an imagination Kathy, thanks for sharing the post!

  2. Kathy Price-Robinson

    DB: Ha, ha, ha. Nice catch on the use of compliment rather than complement, which I should have noticed and corrected from the NKBA website.
    But I can imagine the interchange as it stands:
    Toilet seat: Oh my, vanity, you’re looking lovely today.
    Vanity: Thank you, what a nice compliment! Back at ya!

  3. DB

    RE: “The toilet sits opposite the sink and features a wooden stained seat to compliment the other wood in the space.”
    I doubt if the toilet seat can talk and give compliments! 😉 Actually, the seat complements the other wood.