Even Clark Howard’s remodel went 15% over budget

Clarkhoward_2Ever listen to consumer advocate and talk show host Clark Howard? He’s the biggest dork in America, according to one listener.

If you haven’t heard him, let me tell you that Clark is very careful with his money. He’s a self-made millionaire, yet he’s unremittedly frugal: driving an economy car, eating at budget restaurants, buying his suits at thrift stores.

So when Clark Howard does a major home remodel, wouldn’t you think he of all people would not suffer a bloated budget the way the rest of us do?

According to Clark on Thursday’s show, his own remodel — which includes an atrium and redone master bathroom — has gone 15% over the budget. Clark says it’s hard for him to admit this, but basically he’s OK with it.

So if one of the most tenacious cheapskates in America ends up paying a little more than budgeted, and his project takes longer than expected, as it has, well, it seems to me the rest of us should just expect that to happen.

What do you think?

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1 Comment on Even Clark Howard’s remodel went 15% over budget

  1. JOhn Beaty

    I think a lot of people’s budgets are pulled out of thin air and they ae lucky to be within 15%. I didn’t see his initial plans and budget, but I routinely “budget” for 80% of what I can AFFORD to spend, because I know that with creep and new discoveries the final total will swell.