Everybody’s got an opinion

HousepaintduringIn the days or weeks between the time you choose your house colors and the day the paint goes on, doubt can creep in.

“Oh, man, that’s bright,” the painting contractor thought when he visited the house with the colors I wanted him to match.

“It looks like clown colors,” his lead man told him.

After my stepdaughter Amy saw the house I wanted to match, she drove me around town to see some other reds and greens she liked better.

Only my husband Bill gave me comfort: “Just go for it,” he said. “Be bold.”

When the grayish-green primer went on, my own resolve weakened. “That’s a nice color,” I told Bill. “It’s safe.” He reiterated his view: “Go for what you wanted.”

The turning point came when the lead man, Brandon, painted patches of the two colors onto the primed wall (which you can see on the bottom right in this photo). Hey, that red’s not bad, he said. And the green? Amy and I looked through the color fan the contractor had brought, pulling leaves from various plants to see how they would blend with various paint hues. Finally, we decided the original green I wanted would probably be fine.

I’m thankful I didn’t have to run my colors past the board of a homeowners association. These were enough opinions for me to deal with in one day.

2 Comments on Everybody’s got an opinion

  1. Enlightenment

    Why did LA Times remove “LA Land Blog” link from the front page? I checked the other blogs on the current front page, and none of them had as much traffic as the “LA Land Blog” did.
    So are Too many realtors and housing bankers not happy how the population is very ticked off about the housing mess, and so did they put pressure on the LA Times to quiet the blog?

  2. Jeannie

    Your red looks okay, but I personally think you are off on the green — at least based on the model you selected.