Fake Gas-powered Alarm Clock Wins Energy Star Label

Energy Star

Does a “gasoline-powered alarm clock” qualify for the Energy Star label, the government stamp of approval for an energy-saving product?

Like more than a dozen other bogus products submitted for approval since last June by Congressional auditors posing as companies, it easily secured the label, according to a Congressional report to be issued Friday. So did an “air purifier” that was essentially an electric space heater with a feather duster pasted on top, the Government Accountability Office said.

In a nine-month study, four fictitious companies invented by the accountability office also sought EnergyStar status for some conventional devices like dehumidifiers and heat pump models that existed only on paper.

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1 Comment on Fake Gas-powered Alarm Clock Wins Energy Star Label

  1. Jesse Pender

    A gas powered alarm clock. Thats too much. I hope the regulations get tightened up on this soon. Thanks for posting this.