Famous Folks at Home: Whose Kitchen Is This?

Whose kitchen is this?

This kitchen works for me. I could definitely cook next to a fireplace, couldn’t you? So who lives here?

Here are some fun facts:

• The house, in the rolling hills of Montana, was built to look old.

• The stone around the fireplace and doorway is from Montana.

• Some flooring planks were salvaged from the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

• The fireplace is doubled sided and also opens to a great room.

• The owner keeps horses on the 500-acre property.

Give it your best shot, then click ANSWER below.


3 Comments on Famous Folks at Home: Whose Kitchen Is This?

  1. kate stevens

    This kitchen is awesome! Wish it were mine.

  2. Anonypilgrim

    I don’t care who’s kitchen it is. It’s sex on wheels! I want one.

  3. Kitchen Pro

    I love the stonework with the wod accents. A very comfortable kitchen.