Famous Folks at Home: Whose Garden Room Is This?

Who does it belong to?

Who does it belong to?

Isn’t this a lovely garden room? The owner calls it a teahouse and may not visit for months on end because of a busy schedule.

The garden was designed by Dan Bifano, who has also designed gardens for such high-profile clients as Barbra Streisand. The garden is filled with roses, wisteria, hydrangeas and plants like that. In fact, this little building was at first destined to be a flower-cutting space. But the owner decided it needed to be a sitting room.

“I chose the color of the grout,” the owner is quoted saying in a magazine, “and I chose the particular kind of gravel that was right for the rose garden, and another kind for the pathways. Grout color and gravel size would drive most people nuts. But it’s all part of the process for me.”

Hint: Does this sound like a control freak to you?

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