Famous Folks at Home — Whose Dining Area Is This?

A Manhattan penthouse? Or a country cottage?

A Manhattan penthouse? Or a country cottage?

Holy smoke! How appealing! We’ll get into what make this room so delightful. But the first thing you should know is that this dining area is in a Fifth Avenue Manhattan penthouse overlooking Central Park. Who knew a New York City apartment could feel so cottage like?

Here are some of the elements that make this room rock:

  • Light. Lots of natural light, from windows on both sides.
  • Gleaming, light wood floors
  • Pale buttery color on walls, white on ceiling
  • Lovely cabinets and nooks
  • Screen inserts in cabinets evoke vintage mode
  • Gorgeous custom made table
  • Consistency of grey color/brushed nickel metals on hanging lamp, cabinet hardware, kick plates, etc.

And of course opening up to a lush terrace cannot fail in making any room a place you want to be.

What famous folk lives here?

Make your best guess, then click below for the answer.