Finally! No more yanking the wrong chain!

Stress relieving fan pulls

Stress relieving fan pulls

I guess these little doodads have been around for a while, but they are new to me. Imagine that you have a lovely ceiling fan with a light. Are you picturing that? And there are two pull chains hanging down?

Now, how do you know which chain controls the light and which chain controls the fan? Well, of course, you just start pulling randomly until you figure it out.

And does it not defy the odds that you would always pull the wrong one the first time? How does that happen?

So here’s an amazing invention that you’d expect to see on ABC’s “Shark Tank” television show. Little pull chain attachments that indicate which chain is the fan (fan shaped) and which is the light (light bulb shaped).

How many decades did it take humankind to invent this? Of course, to attach the correct pull to correct chain, you’ll have to do the old stumbling around thing, pulling them randomly. BUT! THEN! Attach the ornament and from that moment on, you are a genius when it comes to turning the fan or light on or off.

This could add a few years to one’s life. So live it up.

Available at Lowe’s.