Feel Like Cheaping Out? Don’t Make the Same Mistake Charles Made

Cheap cabinets

Everyone likes a deal. A steal. A feeling that you just saved more money on your remodel than anyone in the history of the world.

Chang Before But sometimes that quest can bring regrets. That’s what happened to Charles Chang, who did a complete remodel on a very trashed property for about $40,000. See the whole story

While most of the project turned out great, Charles later told me he regretted the cheap kitchen cabinets. He was so intent on spending the least amount of money possible that he opted for presswood cabinets, which I think would be more appropriate for a garage than a kitchen.

Other products in this category are called particle board, chipboard, flakeboard, etc.

They look good in this lovely photo. But they are, after all, made of sawdust, wood chips and binders. And in your day-to-day life, do you really want a nice wood floor and cabinets made of wood chips? And if these get too wet, they will wick up water become irreversibly distorted.

The lesson for us: don’t get so wrapped up in saving money that you end up with garbage. The few hundred dollars you save will be long forgotten, while the junk in your house will be with you, in your face, for years to come.

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5 Comments on Feel Like Cheaping Out? Don’t Make the Same Mistake Charles Made

  1. Keith

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    While searching for a fix to this new problem, we discovered it was normal for our hot water circulation pump to run continuously based only on the pumps timer. Rather than having the pump run based on time and temperature. It’s no wonder we were having to wait so long for cold water. Even more alarming was the fact that our system allowed water to siphon from the hot water pipes (water heater) into the cold water pipes when cold water was used anytime hot water wasn’t at the sink keeping a thermostatic valve closed. Had we researched hot water circulation pumps beforehand instead of impulse buying we would have saved a lot of time and frustration. We now know the importance of doing researching so our choices are based on intelligent decisions instead of how cheap we can be.

  2. Mac

    Good advice. Saving money is great but not when it detracts from the enjoyment of the remodel.

  3. Tony Zhang

    Amazing change

  4. Jeff

    I seen a lot of customers go cheap on items like cabinets, carpeting, counter tops, etc. and then later regret that they did it or didn’t listen to there contractor.

    The school of hard knocks.

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