Feng shui remodeling tips from . . . McDonald’s?

FengshuimcdonaldsstoreTo be honest, I don’t go to McDonald’s for healthy food.

But, I might go to a certain McDonald’s for a healthy environment (and maybe to get some design tips for my own home).

That McDonald’s is in Hacienda Heights and its owner, Mark Brownstein, wanted to redesign the store to deal with slumping sales. And because he saw from census data that the population surrounding the store was nearly 40% Asian, he decided that design according to the ancient Chinese art of placement would be just the ticket.

To guide the project, Brownstein, owner of 23 SoCal McDonald’s, hired Dr. Chi-Jen Liu, a fourth-generation feng shui grand master, who works with his daughter, Master Jenny Liu.

To invoke the five elements of fire, earth, wood, water and metal, the remodel includes:

• Waterfall
• Earth-tone booths
• Wooden ceiling
• Potted bamboo
• Offset entrance to deflect evil spirits (see Janet Mitsui’s offset entrance in L.A.)
• Red pole for good fortune (see one of these in Gretchen Zee’s Santa Barbara remodel)

Just a few months after the remodel, according to a story on NPR, business is up by double-digit margins. And I wonder: Would feng shui in my home give me more prosperity? A double-digit increase in my income sounds pretty good.

(Photos: NPR, LA Eater)