Fingerprint scanning: Coming to a door near you

The trouble with affluence is that people come into your house — people other than your family and friends — and this may cause security jitters.

Smartscan_3Get enough income and you’re likely to accumulate a housekeeper, a nanny, and a housesitter. And if you undertake a remodel, all kinds of tradespeople need access to your house: the supervisor, plumber, electrician, etc.

So if you work out of the home during the day, what do you do? Give them all keys? Keys that can be copied?

Perhaps the first home improvement project should be installation of the soon-to-be-introduced fingerprint scanner deadbolt by Kwikset, which is programmable with more than 50 fingerprints. To gain entry to your home, pre-programmed users swipe their finger under the SmartScan’s RF scanner. There are three access levels: unlimited, continuous access for family members; limited time access perhaps for the duration of the remodel, and restricted access that allows entry during certain times and days, like cleaning day.

It runs on two AA batteries, no hard-wiring needed, and costs about $250.

1 Comment on Fingerprint scanning: Coming to a door near you

  1. Karen

    Possibly the Kwikset version isn’t available yet, but there are others already on the market. They’re great for keeping most people out (I have one), but they’re certainly not foolproof — episode 59 of the Mythbusters proved that.