Fire dangers during remodeling

FireAbout a week ago, a remodeling crew set a strand of cypress trees ablaze in the San Diego area. It seems a worker’s propane torch got too close to the highly flammable trees.

That got me thinking that remodeling can bring with it fire dangers. A DIY-er might do well to explore these situations that are most risky:

Using a long cord for power tools, which could cause the cord to overheat (Don Vandervort’s Home Tips)

Finishing a floor with flammable solvent near a water heater pilot light or other potential spark source (Tree Hugger)

Oily rags kept in the garage (House Repair Talk)

Wires left exposed after outdoor lighting is removed (Find Law for Legal Professionals)

Using solvents like kerosene, paint thinner or gasoline to remove tar on the foundation (Tim Carter, Ask the Builder)

What else?

(Photo: Fox 6 San Diego)