Selling the Mantel: Fireplace Mantel as Striking Focal Point

Fireplace remodel

How important is a fireplace and mantel? Take it from a man who tours hundreds of houses a year and whose sales depend on features that attract buyers: “Every room needs a centerpiece,” says David Kean, an interior designer and real estate agent with The John Aaroe Group, in Beverly Hills, Calif.

According to Kean, an engaging fireplace and mantel can provide grandeur for an otherwise ho-hum room or it can “take an already fabulous room over the top.”

Stylistically, Kean says, a fireplace and mantel should blend with the architecture of the home. That rule dissolves, though, in sleek contemporary homes where old-world timbers and stone, often salvaged from old homes, “create a very dramatic juxtaposition of old and new.”

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3 Comments on Selling the Mantel: Fireplace Mantel as Striking Focal Point

  1. Scott

    It’s great when a fireplace is the focal point of the room. The tile work in that picture looks really nice too.


    Gourgeous mantel and the matching wood frame on the side of the bricks make it all work together. Thanks


    “Selling the Mantel: fireplace mantel as striking
    focal point | Kathy’s Remodeling Blog” was a great blog. If perhaps it included even more photos it would likely be quite possibly far better. Regards ,Astrid