Flash Bulletin — Mike Holmes is single!

Mike Holmes A breathtaking bit of news from HGTV popped up on my Twitter page the other day. Here's what it said:

What is our #1 question lately? "Is Mike Holmes married?" And the answer is…NO! He is single 🙂

This brings to mind a follow-up question:


I mean, isn't Mike Holmes, star of Holmes on Homes, exactly what so many women crave? He's a knight in shining armor, galloping in to rescue us from the bad guys (other contractors). And he's big and brutish. And he wears those undershirts to reveal his guns. I bet he even smells good.

Doesn't it seem like women would be all over this guy? Is he looking for a woman? Was that the purpose of the tweet from Twitter?

What's your take on this breaking news from HGTV?

7 Comments on Flash Bulletin — Mike Holmes is single!

  1. Elizabeth

    I though I was the only in love with this man!!! Lolol lol I want a love nest too!!! Lol lol

  2. annette hamilton

    Theres just something about him that screams sex appeal. He’s got a smile that says life is good and he’s feeling it. I think he’s awesome love a man who loves what he does. He’s comfortable in his own skin and that is just out and out sexy.

  3. Annmarie

    mmm,a hunky piece of man like that single! could he build me a love nest for the both of us.

  4. Connie Carter

    Real, handsome, kind, cares about others, integrity; you are right he is everything a woman dreams about. A woman can dream 🙂

  5. Jamie

    Oh, this is pretty interesting…You mean anyone who is in DIY can be featured in this show?

  6. Irene R

    I think that since he is so particular in his work (he needs everything to be perfect), he’s probably like that in the rest of his life. It’s difficult dealing with someone who demands perfection in everything.
    But, he is the only man I’ve ever seen who’d make me consider moving to Canada.