Flaunting Ashton Kutcher’s Luxury Studio Trailer Is in Very Poor Taste . . . But I Wanna Touch it!

Ashton KutcherAs you well know, the rich are getting richer and the rest of us are going the other way. The whole economy is rigged that way and you wonder how long it will go on.

As our new two-class economy unfolds, it seems disgusting for rich people to flaunt their riches, doesn’t it? So why am I so enamored with the trailer Ashton Kutcher will be staying in as he films for his new Two and a Half Men gig?

Coming from what I refer to lovingly as “a long line of Okies and alcoholics,” I just love me a traveling house on wheels. It might be from the days of covered wagons when my Mormon ancestors moved west to escape persecution. Or it might have been during the dustbowl when another line of ancestors headed to farms in California.

Ashton KutcherWhatever the reason, this $2 million luxury trailer is friggin’ fantastic! Check it out. You’ve got your bump-outs to make it a double wide. You’ve got your hydraulic roof that raises to open up the second story. I’ve had a couple of pop-top VW campers during my life that did pretty much the same thing with canvas and screen material. And I’ll tell you, it is thrilling to suddenly have headroom when camping!

The trailer Mr. Demi Moore will be using on the lot will be 1,200 square feet with granite countertops in the kitchen, two bathrooms and seven large flat-screen TVs. Of course, he won’t have expansive views of the salt flats as shown here, but will be likely be looking at the side of a sound studio or another trailer.

I’m sure there are more delights in this rig, and I’d love to have a grand tour of it. Yes, it’s a disgusting display of wealth. And yes, I want to touch it.

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    I’d like to live in it!