For HGTV’s Kim Myles, a good start

KimmylesbedroommontageFor Kim Myles fans who were put off by what one commenter here called a “bizarre” color scheme during HGTV’s “Myles of Style” show on Sunday, tonight’s presentation may have been her vindication.

The boutique hotel décor of the reveal was stunning with a richly hued wall of puddling drapes and a three-toned upholstered headboard. (Click photo to enlarge.)

It turns out Sunday’s show was a “sneak peek,” and tonight’s was the real premiere. The homeowners, a couple named Buddy and Tamara, had filled their bedroom with enormous, chunky wood furniture that stuffed the room. The walls were peach-colored, and the whole thing just wasn’t working.

Kim’s idea was for a "permanent honeymoon hotel retreat." The walls were re-painted “cool khaki” and a new headboard was made from panels of plywood covered with brocade fabric in three luscious colors. Two sections of wall were painted metallic gold, and small shelves held a dozen red candles. “Metallics are your friends,” Kim said, “they’re going to bounce light around.”

And a final touch: Buddy covered two accent tables with sheets of glass tile. Amazing. I need to do that, or find ways to use glass tiles other than a backsplash because, frankly, how many backsplashes does one have in a house?

In the end, the whole room came off like a $500-a-night hotel room (not that I’ve ever stayed in one).

A few minor quibbles: What happened to the original furniture? It looked like it cost a few bucks. Did they sell it? Also, who’s going to light a few dozen candles on a regular basis, or ever? I have two wall hangings with three candles each, and I think I’ve lit all six about three times.

If you saw the sneak peek Sunday and the premier Thursday, did Kim vindicate herself?

Note to HGTV: I’d love if you’d include "before" photos on your website so we can more fully appreciate these transformations.

(Photos: HGTV)

1 Comment on For HGTV’s Kim Myles, a good start

  1. Carmen

    I think the show stunk with lack of know how and class
    Kim changed her clothes 5 times or more LOL
    your decorating a house not starring in a fashion show
    a 500 dollar a nite room I DON’T think so
    I’ve had my share of them on vacations and believe me this is NOTHING like the 500 a nite rooms
    Kim gets some trianing and lets see what you can do with some REAL: talent and know how and
    go to design school like you trained for hairdressing then come back and show us what you REALLY can do otherwise………………..