For Sale: ‘Extreme Makeover’ homes

The single owner of this Extreme Makeover home looks kind of lonely on that front porch, at least to me. It seems like a smaller, cozier home would be a better fit for him and the two kids he's raising.You know those great big houses the team from the ABC series "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" builds for deserving families?

Well, sometimes those big houses turn out to be just too darned big.

That's what happened in Sandpoint, Idaho, to Eric Hebert. You can see Eric standing in front of the 3,678-square-foot home built for him and his late sister’s 11-year-old twins, whom he is raising.

According to an article in the Bonner County Daily Bee, Eric works all day and spends most evenings taking the kids to basketball and soccer practice. Keeping up the big house is just too much for him, he said.

Plus, Eric said, heating the big house was costing him hundreds of dollars a month in electric bills, and that was on top of the home's gas bills.

And so, hoping not to seem ungrateful to the neighbors who helped build the home for him, he put it up for sale. The house has been appraised at $552,244, but he's listed it and the acre of land it sits on for $529,000.

Here are other "Extreme Makeover" homes that have been put on the market:

Pennsauken, N.J. — The utility bills for this home were said to be from $700 to $1,200 a month, and property taxes were more than $6,000 annually.

Atlanta — The ad for this palatial "Extreme" home says if you buy it, you can own a part of history.

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