Four Southern California Remodeling Contractors Honored

Everybody knows there are problems in the remodeling industry — shady contractors, shoddy work, sloppy business practices.

Sandiegobig50But the thing is, are you going to spend all your energy focusing on the negative? Or will you spend at least equal time seeking out the awesome, ethical, exceptional standouts in the industry? If you understand the law of attraction, you’re going to do the latter.

Remodeling magazine, an industry leader in promoting excellence among remodeling contractors, does just that. Its editors and advisors choose 50 contracting companies or individuals across the country each year that, the magazine says, “set the standard for professionalism and integrity through smart marketing, exemplary business practices, unique design, and extraordinary impact on their community or the industry at large.”

There are four Southern California companies among the 2007 Big 50. They are:

Jay Riordan (pictured, second from left in back), CR, CGR Dream Design Builders, Rancho Bernardo, design/build remodeling, 20 years in business, staff: 3 office, 2 field

Scott Davis and Daniel Liechty, AKBD, CAPS CALBath, Santa Ana and other locations, bathroom remodeling, 16 years in business, staff: 12 office, 44 field

Michael Zboralske, IICRC, Janet Zboralske, and Ross Tenant, Zebra Restoration Services, Rancho Cordova, fire, water, and mold remediation and general construction, 15 years in business, staff: 4 office, 11 field

Robert Reichek, Reicorp Remodeling, Four Seasons Sunrooms, Atascadero, sunrooms and exterior remodeling, 21 years in business, staff: 3 office, 3 field

Note: There are many more Southern California contractors who have been named to the Big 50 club in past years, and I’ll compile that list for you soon.

Heard anything about these folks?

(Photo: Remodeling magazine)

3 Comments on Four Southern California Remodeling Contractors Honored

  1. Mike

    Thats great that contrators are being recognized on a postive note.
    In a time were real estate has taken on much criticism. Its good to hear that contractors have a strong voice.

  2. Kathy Price-Robinson

    Yes, Sandy, I’d be happy to add Dream Design Builders to my list of contractors who have been featured in my Pardon Our Dust series in the newspaper, or on this blog. I encourage you to visit this blog often and comment often. Let the readers experience your savvy. Because I do a lot of writing for contractor magazines, I know there are a lot of amazing, ethical and competent remodeling companies out there. My goal is for more superior Southern California contractors to have a presence on this blog so that homeowners looking for a top-quality company can come here to find one. Thanks for writing. And again, congratulations to your whole team on being named a Big 50 company!

  3. Sandy Hughes

    Dear Kathy,
    Thank you so much for recognizing us in your June Blog for the L.A. Times. We are of course very proud of our Big 50 award and are honored to have been included in your mention with the other southern California winners for 2007. We would like to encourage everyone to visit our website . Of course there is a lot of information about our company but there is also useful information for anyone considering any type of residential remodeling job. Take a look in the upper right hand side to access the ‘Homeowners Corner’. We have constructed 12 questions that should be asked before hiring a contractor. We would also enjoy being an active participant on this blog by answering questions and posting comments as requested and by sharing any news we think the readers would be interested in.
    As Jay Riordan is the current president of the NARI — San Diego chapter he is uniquely positioned to be a great source of information for your blog readers.
    Kathy, please feel free to publish all or part of this commentary and/or to email me at Again, we thank you for the recognition and look forward to participating in the LA Time blogs and articles. I did notice that at the end of this blog are links to previously featured contractors websites, is it possible to be included on that list?
    Thanks again!
    Dream Design Builders
    858-674-9818 ph
    858-674-9830 fax